How It Works

Community productions of Iliad The Musical cover the first three books and the last three books of Homer’s Iliad in a 45-minute show that captures the essence of the entire epic.


Act I (25 minutes long)

Achilles is humiliated and infuriated by Agamemnon, so Achilles retreats from the war and prays that his comrades lose. Zeus grants his prayer. Paris and Menelaus duel for the hand of Helen.

Act II (20 minutes long)

Achilles kills Hector in the final duel. Funeral games are held for Patroclus. Achilles and the rival King Priam cry together out of mutual respect when Achilles finally softens his anger. Hector is buried.


The standard theatrical licensing fee is

  • $1,000, or
  • 10% of box office,

whichever is greater. This includes 10 weeks rental of the vocal librettos, vocal scores, and the pre-recorded orchestral accompaniment. Instrumental scores are available for an additional fee (determined by the size of your ensemble or orchestra). Licensing is discounted for schools, nonprofits, and community groups in need.