Iliad Symposium Council

The Iliad Symposium Council runs the day-to-day affairs of the Iliad Symposium. Membership is open to the public.

  • Symposiarch – Facilitate conferences and meetings.
  • Vice Symposiarch – Facilitate conferences and meetings in the Symposiarch’s absence.
  • Production Coordinator – Run the Production Committee
  • Membership Coordinator– Run the Membership Committee
  • Inclusivity Coordinator – Run the Inclusivity Committee
  • Outreach Coordinator – Run the Outreach Committee
  • Reports Coordinator – Run the Reports Committee

Council Committees

Everyone on the Iliad Symposium Council sits on at least one committee. All committees are open to the public.

  • Production Committee – Produce the conferences, organize meetings, handle logistics.
  • Membership Committee – Respond to prospective Council Member requests, enroll new Council Members, give orientation to new Council Members.
  • Inclusivity Committee – Make conferences and meetings more accessible, identify and remove limitations to inclusivity, develop more inclusive conferences at every level.
  • Outreach Committee – Raise public awareness, reach out to diverse groups of people, handle public relations.
  • Reports Committee – Respond to reports and complaints from the public, resolve disputes.

Council Meetings

Weekly council meetings ensure that the monthly conferences run as smoothly as possible. Meetings typically take place Tuesdays at 5pm MDT.

Join the Council

Iliad Symposium is open to all. You can fill out and submit this form to join the Iliad Symposium Council, or contact us with any questions.