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  • La Caduta Di Troia (1911)
    Iliad The Musical will be the first production on stage or screen to actually follow […]
  • Judgement of Paris
    The judgement of Paris led to the Trojan War. It also led to some of […]
  • Who is Hermes?
    This 15-minute video gives an awesome overview of who Hermes is, including his identities as […]
  • Where is the center of the world?
    The center of the Ancient Greek world is in the town of Delphi. This stone […]
  • The Ancient Greek aulos
    The aulos is a double-reeded pipe, like an oboe (though it’s sometimes played with a […]
  • Song Of Seikilos
    2,000 years ago Seikilos wrote a song for Euterpe, and carved it into her tombstone. […]
  • Fresco of Actor & Lyre Player
    This 1st century AD fresco from Pompeii shows a singer/actor with his theatrical mask on […]
  • Vase of Sarpedon
    This vase, painted around 440 BC, shows Hypnos and Thanatos carrying the body of Sarpedon […]
  • Ancient Greek poetry is musical theater
    The oldest known Greek poet was Homer. His poetry was set to music and sung […]
  • The Ancient Greek hydraulis
    The hydraulis is a hand-powered organ. Just like a pipe organ in a modern church, […]
  • What Ancient Greek Music looks like
    This shows the first and second verses of the First Delphic Hymn to Apollo, carved […]
  • The Trojan War really happened
    In 1184 BC, the 30-foot-high walls of Troy were set on fire, putting an end […]
  • The Ancient Greek kithara
    The Ancient Greek kithara gives us the word “guitar”. This 5-minute video shows Professor Stefan […]
  • Ogilby’s Iliad
    People often overlook John Ogilby’s English translation of Homer’s Iliad. The frontispiece of this 1660 […]
  • Marble statue of Athena
    This sculpture of Athena was carved out of marble in the 1st century AD/BC in […]
  • How did the world begin?
    This 7-minute video outlines one Ancient Greek story of the creation of the universe: the […]
  • What Ancient Greek music sounds like
    This 16-minute video is an interesting attempt to recreate authentic Ancient Greek music. They cover […]
  • The death of Aeschylus
    In his life, Aeschylus wrote musicals, won awards, and pioneered innovations that are now standard […]
  • Fresco of lyre player
    This fresco from the Bronze Age palace of Nestor (who fought in the Trojan war) […]
  • Mosaic of Achilles, Athena & Agamemnon
    This 1st century AD mosaic, recovered from the ruins of Pompeii in the “house of […]
  • Who is Aphrodite?
    This 16-minute video gives a good overview of who Aphrodite is, and how she came […]
  • The Greater Perfect System
    For some 500 years in Ancient Greece, the standard music system was called the “Greater […]
  • Leda and the Swan
    This painting showing the birth of Helen of Troy is a copy of a now-lost […]
  • 12-minute summary of the Iliad
    This 12-minute video summarizing the Iliad is awesome and hilarious, but it skips over the […]
  • Roman bust of Homer
    This Roman bust of Homer was sculpted in the 2nd century AD. It is believed […]
  • Painting of Achilles & Briseis
    This fresco was painted 2,000 years ago on the east wall of the “house of […]
  • Euripides wrote musicals, not plays
    People perform the works of Euripides today as a play (without music) often unaware that […]
  • Venetus A
    One of the reasons we know the works of Homer better than Shakespeare is because […]
  • Map of Homer’s Greece
    This is a really helpful map of the Mediterranean, showing the geographic names they used […]
  • Ancient vase of Achilles healing Patroclus
    This beautiful wine cup from about 300bc shows Achilles tending to the wounded Patroclus. Ancient […]
  • Books on books
    Homer’s Iliad was the first book written in the Ancient Greek alphabet. Iliad The Musical […]
  • An American in Ancient Greece
    We just finished our first research expedition to the temple of Apollo in Ancient Delphi […]