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Books on books

Homer’s Iliad was the first book written in the Ancient Greek alphabet.

Iliad The Musical honors this tradition by being as faithful as possible to Homer’s Iliad and the warriors who fought in Troy.

Authenticity is important, which is why research is so important.

Here’s a good starting point for students of the Iliad.

3 Best Iliad Translations

The Iliad is a tough book to crack into for English speakers.

  • First, start with the Robert Fagles version, which is the best way to enjoy the story and meet the characters. It’s not really a translation, but more of a retelling.
  • Then, move onto the Richmond Lattimore version, which is a translation in poetic verse.
  • Finally, get a copy of the Loeb Classical Library edition, which reveals the true Greek text on the left pages, and a direct English translation on the right.

Feel free to send any suggestions this way, and keep making history!

News Updates

An American in Ancient Greece

We just finished our first research expedition to the temple of Apollo in Ancient Delphi (pictured above).

Above all, Iliad The Musical must honor Apollo.

We believe we can faithfully recreate Homer’s Iliad onstage, set to original songs in the Ancient Greek musical genres.

If you can help, please get in touch.

Let’s do this. See you on Broadway!