Iliad The Musical is a stage adaptation of Homer’s Iliad sung to Ancient Greek instruments.

Set to premier April 24, 2022 in Hisarlik, Turkey, the show will be the first production on stage or screen to actually follow the Iliad since the Iliad.

The opera (technically a sung-through musical) about the rage of Achilles is just as shocking, funny, sensitive, and passionate as the epic that’s captivated audiences for centuries.

The show is a family-friendly, educationally-accurate, faithful recreation of Homer’s Iliad, set to original music and choreography in the Ancient Greek genres, played on Ancient Greek instruments.

You’ll walk out humming a timeless mantra as relevant today as ever: Never Forget.

Our Mission

Our mission is to faithfully recreate Homer’s Iliad in a sung-through musical, using Ancient Greek instruments playing original music in Ancient Greek genres, in a family-friendly show that pleases Homer and honors Apollo.

We promote conversations about Ancient Greek music, drama, poetry, history, and culture – all with a focus on issues facing women, people of color, the LGBTQ+ community, minorities, and working people.

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Iliad The Musical faithfully follows the narrative of the Iliad. The show’s 24 scenes cover the 24 books of the Iliad. Act I covers the first 12 books and Act II covers the second 12.

Act I

Enraged at his commanding officer, the 25-year-old Achilles withdraws from the great war for Helen of Troy.

Achilles prays his fellow Greeks lose. Zeus grants his prayer, and the Trojans advance so far they set fire to the Greek ships themselves.

Act II

Hector and Apollo kill Patroclus, so Achilles goes berserk. Achilles leads the Greek army all the way to the walls of Troy, where Achilles and Athena kill Hector in the final duel.

The show closes with Achilles and the Trojan King Priam crying together out of mutual respect as Achilles returns Hector’s body, at last ending his rage.

Historical Context

It’s time Homer returned to the theater.

In Ancient Greece, where modern theater was invented, the most popular show was the Iliad. People loved it. The poet sang the song holding a staff, while the musician played the music on a lyre.

The show was 12 hours long, and took place over many evenings.

We’re on a mission to introduce people into Homer’s larger world with a shorter, more digestible 2-hour show where action replaces the spoken-word narrative.

There’s a reason people love Homer so much. For centuries he was the first author every student read at University, no matter what subject you studied. People loved his Iliad so much they chose the show’s lyrics to be written when our alphabet was first penned in the Greek language.

His emotion is raw. His wit is sharp. His story is legend.

It’s time Homer returned to the theater.

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Together we’re building an epic movement to once bring Iliad back to theaters around the globe.

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