Iliad The Musical World Premier opens April 24, 2022 in Hisarlik, Turkey


Iliad The Musical is a stage adaptation of Homer’s Iliad sung to Ancient Greek instruments.

It’s the first show to actually follow the Iliad since the Iliad.

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All songs are arranged for Ancient Greek instruments and composed in Ancient Greek genres. Learn more

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  • La Caduta Di Troia (1911)
    Iliad The Musical will be the first production on stage or screen to actually follow the Iliad narrative since the Iliad (which is itself a […]
  • Judgement of Paris
    The judgement of Paris led to the Trojan War. It also led to some of the finest works of art ever created. The story of […]
  • Who is Hermes?
    This 15-minute video gives an awesome overview of who Hermes is, including his identities as Pan and Mercury. Among other roles, in Book 24 of […]
  • Where is the center of the world?
    The center of the Ancient Greek world is in the town of Delphi. This stone is called the Omphalos, or “navel” of the world. Think […]
  • The Ancient Greek aulos
    The aulos is a double-reeded pipe, like an oboe (though it’s sometimes played with a single reed, like a clarinet) made out of bamboo and […]

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