Scene 22 – Hector

You can listen here to the original song “Hector” from Scene 22 of Iliad The Musical.


You can also follow along with the libretto for lyrics and context.


This is Hector’s last song before he dies. His mother and father beg him not to walk outside the walls of Troy to face Achilles alone — but he does so anyway.

He walks outside the walls of Troy. The Scaean Gates close behind him. He has a moment of hesitation and reflect on his life in this song.

Right after this song, Achilles enters. They fight the final duel and Hector dies. As he himself famously foretold, Hector “trusted his strength and ruined his army.”


“Hector” is composed in the Ancient Greek diatonic genus, tuned to the ancient hypolydian scale.


“Hector” is arranged entirely for Ancient Greek instruments:

  • Panpipes
  • Aulos I
  • Aulos II
  • Monaulos I
  • Monaulos II
  • Proslambenomenos Aulos
  • Cithara
  • Hydraulis
  • Crotales
  • Timpani
  • Hand claps
  • Foot stomps