Scene 24 – Charge Of God

You can listen here to the original song “Charge Of God” from Scene 24 of Iliad The Musical.


You can also follow along with the lyrics in the libretto.


Iliad The Musical ends here, in Scene 24, when the Trojan king Priam meets Achilles.

Priam, catching Achilles unaware, clasps Achilles’s knees and kisses Achilles’s hands. Achilles and his two comrades are startled, as Priam explains who he is and why he’s done what no human is capable of doing: kissing the hands of the one who killed his sons.

Then this song begins.

After witnessing the rage of Achilles for the entire show, we at last see Achilles soften his anger – when he gives Hector’s body to Priam. Achilles does this after reflecting on his own father and crying with Priam over the suffering caused by the war.

After this song the show ends, but not before Priam takes Hector’s body back to Troy where Hecabe, Andromache, and Helen mourn and bury Hector in a proper ceremony.


“Charge Of God” is composed in the ancient enharmonic genus, tuned to the ancient hypophrygian scale.


“Charge Of God” is arranged entirely for Ancient Greek instruments:

  • Aulos I
  • Aulos II
  • Proslambenomenos Aulos
  • Cithara
  • Hydraulis
  • Crotales
  • Timpani
  • Hand claps
  • Feet stomps