These are original songs from Iliad The Musical. All music is arranged for Ancient Greek instruments and composed in Ancient Greek genres. Download hifi instrumentals.


Songs are arranged for Ancient Greek instruments:

  • Hydraulis
  • Panpipes
  • Aulos I
  • Aulos II
  • Monaulos I
  • Monaulos II
  • Proslambenomenos aulos
  • Cithara I
  • Cithara II
  • Salpinx
  • Crotales
  • Timpani
  • Hand claps
  • Foot stomps


Songs are composed in the three Ancient Greek genres of Aristoxenus:

  • enharmonic
  • chromatic
  • diatonic


Instruments are tuned to the seven Ancient Greek scales of Aristoxenus:

  • hypolydian
  • lydian
  • hypophrygian
  • phrygian
  • hypodorian
  • dorian
  • hyperdorian

Lyrics, Libretto & Context

You can read the libretto, follow along with the lyrics, and understand the context of the songs as you’re listening to them.