Iliad The Musical

According to legend, Homer played a seven-string lyre and performed a show called the Iliad, which means the “Story of Troy”.

That was 2,800 years ago. Today, a playwright is hoping to revive the show for modern audiences.

Of course, Homer’s music was lost centuries ago. Only his lyrics survive today.

That’s where Sean McGowan, student of Ancient Greek music, comes in.

McGowan is recreating the show using Ancient Greek instruments, and replacing the spoken-word narrative with action.

The opera, titled Iliad The Musical, faithfully follows Homer’s epic from start to finish, including all the characters.

“From Helen of Troy to Zeus,” McGowan said, “they’re all here.”

The first community production is set for December 2020 in San Luis Obispo, California. After that, the show will head to a Pre-Broadway theater and then – with a bit of luck – Broadway.

The show is set to be performed in an Ancient-Greek-style theater, using only sound amplification techniques available at the time.

The Trojan War was a real conflict that took place around 1184 BC, in what is now modern-day Turkey. The archaeological site dubbed “Troy VII” provides ample evidence, including arrowheads, buried soldiers, and walls burned by fire.

Homer’s now-famous song focuses on the rage of Achilles – a 25-year-old soldier – and the influence the Olympian gods held over the war.

For more information, visit iliadthemusical.com or send an email to Sean at hello@iliadthemusical.com